Hello! My name is Hope and I am an academic subject librarian at the University of Lincoln, where I support the School of History and Heritage and the School of Performing Arts. I’m interesting in helping staff and students make effective use of library resources for teaching, learning and research.

I am currently completing the self-guided course 23 Things for Digital Knowledge, the subject of most of my posts on this blog. I started writing about digital tools for teaching and learning as a way to become more comfortable with reflective writing in order to apply for fellowship in the Higher Education Academy. As of June 2019, I am an HEA Fellow.

I am also a medieval historian and my academic activities can be found on academia.edu and ResearchGate.



Thing 23: Reflection

It’s hard to believe this is the final post in this series! For Thing 23, I will reflect on my previous posts and what I have learned. It has been 1244 days since I started this journey–my first post went up on 20 February 2019. Favourite pArts and Surprises I most enjoyed the parts of… Read more Thing 23: Reflection

Thing 22: Fun and Play

The penultimate Thing focuses on having fun in digital spaces and suggests playing around with apps like Just a Line, an app which allowed users to create and share video animations of simple drawings; Dubsmash, a lip-synching app, or Snapchat, a messaging app that focuses on sharing pictures or short videos which are promptly deleted… Read more Thing 22: Fun and Play